Are you planning to level up your business game but struggling to get noticed by the audience? By becoming SEO friendly, it is easier to win the spotlight and divert all the attention your way.

Gone are the days when writing high volumes of low-quality content was a thing. Today, the goal is to build organic search engine traffic that allows search algorithms to crawl your website. 

All you have to do is bring the right set of audience who would actually read it. After all, what’s the point of writing a top-notch article if no one ever finds your page?

But here comes another question… With so much content out there, is it possible to stand out? With the right tips and tricks, YES IT IS  

All this time, you thought that a well-written content is enough to grab the audience’s attention. Surprisingly, many others are riding the same boat as you, and it’s high time we tell you that SEO is a whole new world. .

Anyways, let’s quickly jump into the ins and outs of writing a content that helps you stay in the limelight. So roll up your sleeves and brace yourself as you are about to read some amazing stuff you wished you had read before



Before we walk you through the tips and tricks of making your content SEO friendly, let’s have a look at what exactly the term means.  

But before we move on, tell us one thing. Where would you hide something that you don’t want people to see? Give up? Obviously on the second page of Google.  Sure it’s funny, but it definitely has some truth to it.  After all, who would go past the first page when looking for something? Would you? We knew it.

This is exactly what an SEO optimized content does, gives your content better visibility so it can be noticed by the MIGHTY GOOGLE. Because unless the Google algorithm sees it, it is impossible that others would look at it too.

There is so much content out there that doesn’t serve the purpose it should. Luckily, we have compiled a few tips that will help you write SEO friendly content that easily makes its way to the very first page of Google.



So you spent hours writing a creative masterpiece but got no luck with the results you were waiting for? You posted it on the website and thought your life will change in a jiffy? Are you being outcompeted by your close rivals and still clueless on what went wrong? This means your content was not SEO Friendly

When you use the right SEO tools, it is seen more in search engine recommendations. BEWARE as Google is acting very smart these days. You must keep up with its search algorithms to get your content right in the first place. And if all the right buttons are hit, one can never go wrong with the content

Now you see why it is important?

Maybe your content is well-written but your audience may not be able to see it again. Sure your content was outstanding. But content alone does not guarantee 100% results. Yes you read that right. If you are slowly beginning to lose faith in the website you have spent fortunes on, now is the time to reverse your situation

Believe us when we say Google has become very efficient in detecting high-quality content. Back in the days, it was relatively easier to trick search engines when all you had to do was send enough backlinks to the content. You would be disappointed to know that this is not the case anymore.

If done right, you can expect it to pay you off well. But how are you supposed to do it? Don’t worry, we are here to back you up. After all, writing content that is SEO friendly is tough, but not a dark art!


Use The Right Keywords:

Keywords have the power to make or break the entire SEO campaign. That’s right.  In the end, it all comes down to the right keyword so make sure you choose them wisely. Use your keyword at least one or two times if not more.  But how do you know which keyword is the right one?  Don’t worry if hiring an SEO professional is out of your league, you can use SEO tools that are easily available on the internet.

Pro-tip: When writing SEO friendly content, do not over-use the keyword as it may be damaging!!! Remember, you are dealing with a smart audience and simply stuffing keywords into your content will be a major turn-off.

Your readers are intelligent and would immediately know about your intentions. So be sure you don’t play smart with them.


Your Headings Should Pack A Punch:

Have you ever experienced your competitors getting more visitors than you even though your content was better? In that case, you need to step back and ask yourself, “Have I used the right headings?

You might not believe what a smashing heading can do for your article. When trying to be SEO friendly, your headings game should be so strong that it makes people say, WOW! I would love to read the rest of the content.  


Add A Meta-Description:

If you are not using a Meta-description in the article, you are probably not giving enough exposure to it.  Let’s look into why a Meta description is important…

Did you know that a compelling Meta-description can get more people to see your content? Your Meta-description should not only be interesting, it should also elaborate more on your article’s topic. When writing content, make it count as this is the first thing readers see in the search results.



Let’s face it; gone are the times when SEO was only supposed to bring traffic to a website. Today, SEO plays a major role that brings value to a website. Give your audience something that they have never seen before, high-quality and readable content.  After all, your ultimate goal is to reach your readers and not the search engine robots right?   High-quality content will require you to simply go beyond the basic audience research. Nevertheless, the key is to develop a detailed audience persona. This is how you become SEO friendly


Proofread Your Content:

A poorly written website will hurt your professional reputation, hence, you must proof read your work as many times till you are fully convinced yourself.  When you give it a read, imaging yourself as a reader and then evaluate it.

Good grammar is considered as a ranking factor so this should be done no matter what. The internet has become highly competitive and as Google is the boss, you must first persuade him before you persuade the audience. 

Once you have finished writing your content, save yourself from major edits by using the right grammar tools. To make your content readable, give it some fine-tuning before getting it published.


Wrap Up Time:

With all these tips in mind, writing SEO friendly content should be easy. Now that you have finished reading this article, you should be headed towards a high SEO ranking that increases your brand’s reputation at the same time. Hopefully, now you have a better idea about what goes into writing a perfectly curated SEO-optimized article.

Good luck!

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