Keyword Not Found Where Expected? Fulfill The Google Checklist To Survive!

The Google Checklist

We know what brings you here. Your greatest urge to get noticed by the mighty Google isn’t it? But wait? Have you checked off the Google checklist yet? If not, then maybe you have a lot to learn.

Imagine turning to Google and typing your most valuable keywords. There is a list of results popping up on your screen but the moment of panic arrives when you your keywords are missing.

All those countless sleepless nights and hard work went down the drain when you end up realizing that your website is nowhere to be seen.

We are going to be very honest with you. You are doomed.

You are likely to be in the panic mode right now and your mind will possibly wander in a gazillion different directions which is normal. But, it won’t stay forever.

Considering the situation you have landed yourself in, we believe we should keep the introduction sweet and short-opposite to our traditional style. 

So here we go…

The big G my friend is rather moody. It wants to be fed with the right food to list you up. Yep, that’s right.

“But my pages are optimized, and my content is stellar”. You might think. Sure, that would be the case. But lo and behold, your keywords are not found.

Let’s be honest. You will come across a lot of mumbo jumbo about Google. But my friend, convincing Google has never been a piece of cake. It is a dark art that takes years of practice.

If you are on the verge of kissing goodbye to your beloved website, here is the good news. Take this blog as a sudden burst of motivation and your chance to make it to the winning list.

We are here to speed things up for you with the Google SEO checklist. All you need is some pixie dust sprinkled all over your website, and BAM! You are ready to go.

Let’s stop beating around the bush and come to the point.   

Claiming Your Spot In Google With The Google Checklist-Here Is How.

Making it to the top ten results on Google is challenging but who doesn’t want it? After all, the top view is always worth the climb.

But unless your website is Wikipedia, climbing on the top will not be easy… we know that must have hurt. But the reality is, much of what we tell you now may seem bitter, yet holds a lot of truth.

While the mighty Google keeps everyone on their toes and updates its algorithms now and then, the conventional ways of ranking keywords do not make sense anymore.  

So what now?

The key is to get hold of the right tips and tricks and make Google happy. Let’s get the ball rolling and see how.

Getting Your Hands On The Right Keyword:

Is having the right keyword important to Google?

The short answer: Hell YEAH!

For now, let’s not get into the nitty-gritty of what a keyword is. We can’t stress how important it is to have the right keyword- no, make that POPULAR KEYWORD. ­

No, it won’t shoot you at the top of the page overnight. However, if you fail at the basics, the rest of the path may look haunted.

Let’s make it easier. Suppose you are the owner of a milk shop and you want to rank for “best milk shop in town”. If not done the right way, you might end up attracting milk suppliers, instead of buyers.

Make sense? Now let’s hop on to the next item in the Google SEO checklist

Not Using A Piece Of Baggage Full Of Keywords:

Big figures-YAY!!

That’s where you lost it. If you think using truckloads of keywords would dazzle Google, or do you any good, there is no way you are full filling the Google checklist.

Now listen to this. Keyword stuffing could murder your SEO and your keywords would be found nowhere near the top results.

There is no such thing as too many or too few keywords. It’s the search volume that matters and that can just about double the traffic your way. Got it? Good.

Finding it tough eh? But it can be done only if you are willing to do it. Remember. If you find a deck stacked against you in one game that is when you switch to another game.  

Having A Knack For Google Updates:

Just listen to us on this one alright? You might end up sitting alone in one corner wondering why Google hates you so much. We have been there too.

But what If we told you that your feelings are completely valid?

Here is the fact- the ever-changing Google updates will not just bring out the excitement in you, these updates can shake up the entire SEO of your website.

Mind it. You have to run the race neck-and-neck with other rivals or else, your game is over.

Packing A Punch With long-Tail Keywords:

Now this one is important out of the bunch. Known as being the greatest SEO tactics, long-tail keywords give greater exposure to keywords and hence, rank better. They can be your saving grace when used the smart way.

Also, long-tail keywords are better at meeting the visitor’s needs. Did you know that they make up to 70 percent of all searches? We bet you do not want to miss this, do you? 

Your Content Should Be Awesome:

You cannot just write a one-page content and call it a day. Believe it or not, there is an avalanche of content being written and produced every day. But does everyone makes it? No.

So what now? Write content that stands out and makes its way directly to the first page of Google.  That’s what the Google checklist says

Don’t just create a Willy-nilly content. Content should be such that is actually intended for users to read.

Over To You.

We understand you have a nerve-wracking job to do. Maybe, you are done explaining your stubborn boss who is obsessed with the old ways of website promotion. We feel you.

If convincing him still feels like a mission, print this blog and take it to your boss now! Chances are your boss might throw you out of the front door when you try to boss him. But, no harm in trying right? Who knows it might open floodgates of traffic If nothing works, come up with your startup! Take this blog as a sign but don’t forget to calculate your risks. Good luck with impressing Google, your new boss.

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