Terms of Use

The following statement describes the terms under which Writerpanda offers services to visitors and registered website users.

The Terms of Sale (TSC) governs our policy for providing services that our clients purchase (often referred to as “You”/ “Your”) throughout Writerpanda and its respective contractors, directors, representatives, officers, and agents (often referred to as “We,” “Our” and “Us”).

This statement is a lawful contract between Writerpanda and the consumers. You acknowledge our TSC when you place an order, make a purchase, submit a request, or peruse Writerpanda. Writerpanda reserves all the rights to change the content without any prior notice.

Please read our TSC statement carefully before making a purchase on Writerpanda. If you disagree with our TSC, kindly make a request and do not place any order from our website. Likewise, when you click on our “Order Now,” “Make a Payment,” or any similar button on secure payment of our authorized billing provider, you agree to our TSC. The information you have provided on our website certifies that all the information is true and accurate – further indicating your agreement to complete the purchase process in compliance with our terms and conditions.

Our terms and conditions, which are a part of the agreement, are solely for the benefit of our customers.


The services provided by Writerpanda are all part of the property of Writerpanda only. All the names of the various trademarks used on the website belong to Writerpanda or our subsidiaries. It can’t be used for any product, service, or website that isn’t a part of our business/organization.


Writerpanda commands you to follow instructions carefully provided on our secured payment provider webpage, including PayPal, Bank transfer, and Payoneer, for ordering our content writing services. Writerpanda takes every step to minimize the chances of fraudulent behavior.


Writerpanda accepts payments in dollars only. In case you have an issue making payments in dollars, we allow other modes of currency as well. However, the converted rate must be the same as the initial amount quoted by our customer representative. Moreover, our customer representative will respond to you regarding the amount of payment after reviewing your document. Please note that if we do not receive the payment, or your payment method is declined, or the payment process fails, we will not accept the order until the debt is successfully processed.


Writerpanda sends a confirmation email after every order you place. This email doesn’t contain any confidential information such as your order details, total amount, etc. Once Writerpanda receives notice of your payment details, your request will be processed, and required action will be taken. Writerpanda holds the authority to dismiss any order at any stage without any prior notice or explanation, even before dispatching the service/products.


All the services offered by Writerpanda are accessible through the internet and are made accessible to the purchaser within minutes after an authenticated transaction. Once your order is confirmed and verified by our authorized payment provider, Writerpanda will ensure that electronic delivery of your ordered services or products (via email) is sent to your provided email address. Once the delivery of our service has been complete, we recommend our clients to acknowledge it, in order to confirm.


Writerpanda reserves all the right to make any modifications, alterations, amendments, or changes on our website, including policies, content, terms, and conditions, at any given time. Consumers have no right to object to our amendments as all rights are reserved with Writerpanda solely.


Writerpanda, in no circumstance, is accountable for keeping or putting away records submitted to the users. Once we have delivered the document, the client must keep the document safe, including all unedited and altered files, reports, and correspondence provided by Writerpanda. Also, at whatever point you require a revision, you must re-send your document.


Our team of creative writers works round the clock while helping customers reach new heights. If you are not satisfied with the received document and feel it doesn’t match your prerequisites, you can request a revision. Our team of writers will ensure to deliver content that exceeds your expectation with infinite revisions. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, which is why we make arrangements to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements. You must re-send the document to modify the contents.


  • If you request a refund before we start working on your project, 100% of your payment will be refunded. However, transaction charges will be deducted from your amount.
  • The amount for which we have already completed the work will not be applicable for a refund.
  • Please note that only the balance payment will be refunded. We are not liable to pay you extra money.
  • If you have a specific complaint and need a complete refund, you may send us a refund request, and we will take a fair decision accordingly.
  • Refunds must be requested within 7 days after we have delivered your project. Refund requests after 20 days of purchase will not be granted.
  • A successful refund will take around 60 days to reflect in your account.
  • Our content writers exercise their discretion in determining valid reasons for any refund.


All the services offered by Writerpanda are easy to access and utilize. Further, for all the services and products sold, we have a mutual understanding that you have a fundamental knowledge of software and computers. Writerpanda will not offer any discount for your inability to comprehend and use our service due to the lack of basic computer knowledge.

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