How do I Find a Negative Ghostwriter?

Let’s Unlock the Secret about Negative Ghostwriter

“I can leave my full-time job to finish the manuscript I have been working on,” said nobody ever.

Here is the problem: You are either running a successful business or working as a C-level executive with a great idea in mind. You want to write a book you have been waiting for, but you haven’t done it yet.

And guess what? With too much on your plate, you are never going to finish the book you started ages ago.

Now what?

Let’s unlock the secret that you might not know- Find a negative ghostwriter. You read that right.

So, if you are a struggling author with a crunched schedule, or an aspiring beginner who is trying to get their foot in the door, this blog could be your sunshine on a rainy day.

What goes behind the scenes?

Let’s face it. You had planned a perfect schedule for the day where you thought you would toss out four thousand words early in the morning.  Funny how you thought you would write a thousand words more while attending to other responsibilities too.

But here you are. Hitting the sack every day thinking, “Where did my entire day go?” You decided to binge-write overnight but writing a perfect story in no time is way out of your league.

That’s not it…

You are desperate and want to make it big. So you hire a ghostwriter. No, they don’t write about ghosts. A ghostwriter is someone who writes on your behalf but lets you keep all the credits. The ideas usually come from the actual author; the ghostwriter appealingly delivers the thoughts.

Hiring the perfect ghost for you-the process

Sorry to burst your bubble but most of that great content you thought your favorite authors were dishing out was possibly not coming from their own hands. Surprised? We knew it   

Now let’s change the angle.

Your favorite author might have a rocking idea in mind, but there are times when even an experienced writer’s mind gets dry. Hiring a Negative ghostwriter may then be the right option.

But hey…you do not want to hire any Joe Schmo here, do you? You want an experienced ghostwriter that writes fresh and engaging content on your behalf.

So the next time you tell yourself, “I have great ideas, but I lack the knack to write,” you can always look around and see that there are professional ghostwriters who are waiting to breathe life into your book with a good amount of money in return. Because obviously…

Now that you have decided you want to find one, let’s get digging into how to go about it.

If you click, you click.

Are you a control freak who wants someone to capture your voice?  If you need a ghostwriter who can bring your book to life exactly how you want, build a connection.  You want someone who has a strange knack of apprehending your voice.

Pick the wrong candidate and lose your masterpiece to missed deadlines and frustrations.  After all, successful ghostwriting demands connection, not magic

Ask for samples

So while you are on a hunt to find the ideal ghostwriter for you, it is best to ask for their previous work samples that can speed up the hiring process.

Knock Knock! Remember to do your due diligence before you start working with them. Carry on…

Legitimate freelancing platforms

Now this one is the most important of the bunch. Bad people are everywhere, but some legit ghostwriters have helped actual book authors.  Fiverr and Upwork are engaging platforms that help you see what is available.

Remember-When hiring a negative ghostwriter through these platforms, you can either STRIKE GOLD OR GO BUST.

That’s not about it.  Try getting your hands on a simple internet search. There is no big deal starting this way. Only if you have enough time in hand, that’s when you thoroughly vet a candidate for your ghostwriting needs.

See if they have a niche.

If you come across a Ghostwriter who claims to be the jack of all trade but is the master of none”, take that as a glaring red flag.  Before hiring the ideal ghost for you, make sure they have a specialty or a niche and not have this urge to go here and there.

Pro-tip: Each type of book needs a different skill. If you want the best results, look for a pro in the kind of book you want to write on. 

The Catch of Hiring a Ghostwriter

While finding a ghostwriter is a legit practice, it still remains the elephant in the room that no one talks about.  It’s HUGE, but nobody seems to notice it or maybe, pretend that they have not noticed it

However, striking the right balance and reaching the right bargain may be challenging. Hiring a negative ghostwriter comes with its pitfalls. Let’s look at them.

  • Good things come at a price.

They say if you pay peanuts, you end up hiring monkeys. It sounds harsh, but there is a lot of truth to it. You will come across a lot of cheap professional ghostwriters but hiring one is usually a flawed plan.

Stop! Read the disclaimer below!

Cheap writers are usually the ones who cut corners. They are known for getting through the shortest routes and messing with your entire story idea. Now that is something you cannot afford.

  • Your favorite ghostwriter may not be available all the time

So many authors have missed the chance of working with excellent ghostwriters as they wanted to start right away. So if you have decided to hire one, please know that availability is not mandatory.

So, Should you find one?

Well, why not?  Many celebrities like Beyonce, Pamela Anderson, and Nichole Richi didn’t do their writing. But that doesn’t mean that the book could exist without the author. After all, the ghostwriter will provide you with the words, not the story or the expertise.

Many people will tell you that having a negative ghostwriter is the result of your poor writing skills. So if you are about to fall into the mind trap. STOP RIGHT THERE. .

Secondly, the fact that having lousy writing skills is no bar to having a masterpiece written. All you need is a killer idea, and you are good to go.

A professional ghostwriter may cost you a lot, but it is worth every penny you spend. A ghostwriter brings a lot to the table.  You can have a personal and professional relationship with them that may last for many years.


Playing the behind-the-scenes role does not mean ghostwriters can actually act like ghosts and simply hide in plain sight.  Your ghost must be proactive in order to get the job done right. The bylined authors must do some homework too. Best of luck with your ghost hunting and take help from Writerpanda’s Experts.

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