The Top Guide to Write a Story by Netflix Writers.

Guide-How to Write a Story

The Top Guide to Write a Story by Netflix Writers.

Struck on an idea but wondering how to start? Read this…

Let’s admit it. You all have struggled to write a story, but while you were almost reaching the end of a fantastic idea, you dumped that paper in the trash before it was even finished.

Our heart genuinely goes out to you for all those times when an aspiring writer within you died a little.

Great stories have strong characters, exciting twists, and long-lasting effects. But behind every story, there is a structure that includes some essential elements of story-telling. So if you are waiting for a sudden flash of motivation, take this blog as a sign.  

Write a story that hooks off the reader

Take a moment and put on the reader’s hat for a while. Can you recall a story that once blew your mind? What kept you engaged?  Think…

Sure, you recalled some awe-inspiring stories on TV that gave you chills. If you have experienced this, then you have read some amazing masterpiece.

Now put aside that reader’s hat and close your eyes for a bit. What do you see? Some ideas, or maybe some characters bumping into one another? Cool. Even if you have vivid pictures in mind, congratulate yourself. At least, you have a beginning.

Learning how to write a story can be challenging. Thankfully, we are here to walk you through the right tips and tricks of writing one.  

  • A character that packs a punch

Okay, so to be head over heels in love with a character is pretty much normal. Readers often end up being emotionally attached to a character, or maybe hate one. 

When you keep your audience glued to your story, telling them how a character feels will bring you no good. The Idea is to let your audience slide into the character’s shoes and dig deep inside the story.

That’s not it…

Some characters are more than just names. The best characters are the ones that engage with the audience. So while writing a story, don’t forget to breathe life into your characters so your audience can relate to them.

  • Landing on the perfect Idea

You spent hours staring at the blank page, wondering, “Where do I get the ideas from? Surprisingly, the answer is right in front of you. Ideas can come from anywhere, they are mostly everywhere.

Idea generation- A deliberate process explained by the Netflix Writers

Experts will ask you to wait until that sudden spark of Idea hits you organically. If you are lucky, ideas will come to you without struggling much. But for a beginner, the struggle to write a story is real.

If you are still trying to wrap your head around that one question that keeps playing with your mind, don’t stop reading.

Go out and pay attention to the things around you. Forget about how exciting or mundane something is. Capture moments on your phone or use a notebook, maybe. These moments don’t have to be exciting, they should be interesting. After all, keen observers often end up being great writers.

  • Let the cat stay in the bag.

Have you ever had those sleepless nights when you ended up binge-reading a book and the entire world seemed meaningless?

Sure it was a fantastic book, and you were enjoying every bit of it on your sofa seat.  But then, BAM! The unanticipated happened, and you are almost at the edge of your seat. One page after the other, you keep getting pulled by the story.

Imagine your audience doing the same when they read your story. That’s when you know you have won as a writer.

  • Edit till it hurts

We advise you to avoid the urge to be perfect and let yourself make mistakes. It may take you two to three drafts before you finally say, “THIS IS IT.” It may take a while but trust the process. That’s how you write a story

Often known as the “VOMIT DRAFT,” your first draft lets you explore your ideas and see what your story is about. The second or maybe the third draft is when things start to fall in place.

If you are a beginner, start with a few words and gradually increase the pace. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to write stories with ease.   Once you get the hold of it, give yourself a tap on your back.

  • Getting the tone that sells

Your tone is one of the essential elements that keeps readers intrigued. If you want to invite them to read on, give them a taste of your narrative style. Even the famous Netflix writers make use of an approachable tone that evokes feelings in the audience.

Make sense? Let’s move further.

Give yourself some time to play around with the tone. This is something that influences the entire story. Remember, the right style is what guides the reader’s expectations. So use it wisely.  

  • Write an opening that sings

The best beginnings are the ones that utterly captivate readers from the start. So when you are about to write a story, remember, it takes only one opening line to decide whether to dive in or not.

Now this one sounds interesting.

Apart from introducing your main characters and establishing your audience’s mood, a strong opening line enthralls your readers and tempts them into turning one page after the other to find out what’s next.

Skip the beginning for later

So you have got the story idea but still wondering, “How the hell do I start?”  Well, we all have been there. Beginnings can be tough but never let it hang you up.

So if you have spent hours, or may be days to write that one opening line and still got no luck, SKIP it and come back to it later.  

Yes, you read that right. Do whatever it takes to start your story. You can always come back to the beginning later. 

  • Get feedback from others

If you have just entered the world of writing, you may not be ready to handle a constructive feedback. It will be both bitter and sweet, but it’s important to know what others have say about it.

So how does feedback help?

In many ways than you can imagine. An honest feedback will elevate your writing, so you keep on making progress.  When you share your writing with others, you can better understand what they value as a reader. This will help you understand what you want to write.


Being creative is not easy. New ideas won’t come to you every day, and no great stories were written overnight. You will have days when you will almost give up, have sleepless nights and may be have some unproductive days. We all do.

Trust us when we say that it’s just part of the process. After all, what you really want will never come easy. Once you nail all of the above, you will be writing a killer story in no time.

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