Why eBook Creators Use EPUB Format?

The Reasons Why eBook Creators Use EPUB Format to Create a Successful eBook.

Now that you have finally finished writing the manuscript that took ages to complete, pat yourself on your back.  Kudos… you have done a commendable job.
Formatting an e-book remains one of the biggest hassles for authors. Well, the famous eBook Creators will tell you that the most challenging part is almost done. But, having an excellent manuscript in hand is not enough. It can be slightly detail-heavy; and diving deep into it makes it look like you can be infuriating.

We know how excited you are to create a flawless eBook that captivates your readers. But here is the problem-you get stuck on technical elements of formatting the entire manuscript before it is ready for publishing. We feel you…

But here is the excellent news-If you follow the proper formatting style, you can save yourself from a lot of hair-pulling and frustration. 

So let’s have a quick rundown on the importance of formatting to so you finally finish your masterpiece. This writing guide serves as an important piece of information especially for the beginners.

But, before we jump into why successful authors use formatting, let’s look into some basics of formatting.

Formatting Is An Unnecessary Evil- Myth busted 

Formatting the eBook sounds boring, eh?

Did you know that a document with a poor writing format can cost you your readers? And you don’t want to make a collage of confusion, do you?

You’ve spent hours and days perfecting your eBook, and now you’re reaching the final stages of polishing your work. However with formatting, first impressions matter the most. You don’t want to give anyone a reason not to buy or read it right?

No, it does not have to be complicated or expensive – In fact, formatting an eBook is super-duper easy and essential. After all, the main objective of formatting an eBook is to hook your readers. It should be simple, and nothing FANCY at all.

A golden rule you must keep in mind when formatting an eBook is KISS-Keep it Simple, Silly! So don’t let this one aspect keep you away from becoming the best-selling author.

The Mystery and Magic of EPUB Formatting

So you have figured out what precisely an eBook is, and now, we are guessing that you are here to find out which formatting style is the best, are we correct?

Great news.

We’re here to help because we want to do everything we can for you and your business. We are aware of how frustrating it may be to have a question go unanswered. We bet that you also struggled to understand anything you discovered.


You will come across many formats, but the goal is not to overwhelm you with a vast list but to give you enough details to get started.

“So what should I choose”? You might ask. Our answer is simple and to the point- The EPUB Formatting. Why so? Let’s get into the details.

    Let’s cut it short. The EPUB format is a widespread format that even the most successful eBook creators swear by. The EPUB was created with modern readers in mind. Also, when other formatting styles fail, that is when the EPUB picks the slack.

    The EPUB formatting works like a magician. It only takes the first few seconds to lose or grab the readers’ interest. And this what EPUB is all about. It keeps the readers glued till the end because it is so perfectly organised.

    Just closely follow the guidelines and VOILA! Your book is ready to pave its way into famous digital platforms.

    EPUB Makes Editing Easy:

    With EPUB, editing files is just like a piece of cake. All you have to do is adjust the HTML code and make whatever changes you want to. This is not the case with PDF. It would be best if you had an Adobe subscription first to edit the content and lay it out.

    EPUB Offers A Comfortable Reading Experience:

    Who does not want a relaxing reading experience?  Imagine the feeling when you are sitting back and relaxing on your sofa seat, instead of fidgeting the screen. This is what the EPUB does.  It never lets the readers get bored.  

    While in a PDF, one has to zoom, pan, and pinch for reading the document, the EPUB is designed to fit any screen. Given its reflowable nature, the page break will depend on the screen size. Sounds great isn’t it?

    What’s more? The content can automatically rearrange itself so that users can have an excellent reading experience. Also, there are many features that you can add, which is not the case with PDF files.

    EPUB Makes An eBook More Interactive:

    There is a reason why eBooks are so popular among eBook creators. While a regular book consists of text content only, an eBook consists of rich images, videos, and audio files, adding an interactive element.

    A PDF is usually dependent on software compatibility to play videos. This is not the case with an EPUB.  There is no need for additional software that supports an EPUB.

    EPUB Is Supported On Multiple Devices:

    EPUB is compatible with the majority of the software tools.  This is the reason why most successful authors prefer EPUB the most. An EPUB document can be read on a smartphone, computer, or another electronic gadget apart from Kindle.  

    As most of the EBook readers support EPUB files, the publishers and authors can get a chance to enlarge their existing reader base.

    It’s The Personal Favorite Of Many eBook Authors:

    It is the only format that can be uploaded at any distributor or retailer.  For instance, Apple does not accept Mobi files or word documents. Uploading a PDF is out of the question as not many retailers accept them

    You can easily format or edit the EPUB even if you have just stepped your foot into the world of eBook. All you need to know is some basic level of CSS and HTML.

    Even if you do not have the knack of it and still trying to go under the hood, there are a number of conversion tools you can use to create a functional and an attractive eBook.

    You can also play with some fancy images and fonts and other nifty stuff. You can also add some basic level scripting, video and an audio.

    Final Verdict

    Well, this is all we have for you. We told you about the EPUB format and why most successful eBook creators are obsessed with it. As overwhelming as it may sound, don’t let the other options fool you.

    We assume that this blog has simplified the entire process, and you will soon finish your eBook, which was long due. Now complete your eBook. Good luck!

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